Touch My Can Initiative Concept
Touch My Can Initiative Concept
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We are sad to report that our Touch My Can activity has been discontinued! The stress reliever manufacturer discontinued this design. We are in the process of finding an alternative. In the meantime, you'll have to use one left over from your lunch!

Here's a great activity using a pop can I picked up from the book, Quicksilver.

Touch My Can

Type of Initiative: Problem-Solving

Props needed: Plastic Can/Pop Can

Directions: The objective for this activity is for a group of about 12-15 people to make physical contact with an empty tin can (or this great stress reliever one!) without making physical contact with each other. Two people volunteer to hold the can between their noses. The others then try to touch the can without touching any other participants. Once the group think they have it, the two nose volunteers must then back away from the can and the rest of the group must support the can in place. After the two volunteers have moved away, they can then come back in and regain control of the can. The group can disperse after full control has been regained. Fun!!

Variation: I once did this with a group of 25 sorority girls. With that many people and one can I changed the challenge to everyone had to be touching the can, but they could come into contact with others during the process. The two nose volunteers still had to back away from the can and the group had to support the can in place. Like above, after the two volunteers had moved away, they then had to come back in and regain control of the can. Quite difficult with so many bodies in a tight space. It was a great challenge and also a great metaphor for so many girls living in one sorority house--how do they react when a job needs done and there are many people in the way of accomplishing their goal?

Silver Bullets, by Karl Rohnke, pg. 108