A Teachable Moment Processing Workshop
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A Teachable Moment Processing Workshop
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Product Description

Need more to processing than sitting in a circle, asking questions, and talking about what happened? This 2-day intensive workshop is based on the book, A Teachable Moment, and will give you access to 120+ different processing tools that are simple and easy to use.

The curriculum includes:

· History of Processing --Why debrief?

· Debriefing models

· Creating time for experiential debriefs

· Basic Experiential Education theory

· Low challenge activities

· Peer review

Processing helps learners make connections between their educational experiences and real life and future learning. It helps learners realize that they can apply the lessons they learn and skills they use in a “contrived environment” such as a classroom or challenge course to real life issues such as resolving a conflict with friends, co-workers or significant others. Processing helps create purpose, meaning and focus of an activity it helps learners take advantage of teachable moments.