Planting Seeds

Planting Seeds
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Planting seeds

I love any time of year when I can dig in the dirt and plant some seeds for beautiful results later. Growing up on a farm in Kansas we had a 1 acre garden every summer. We had a self sufficient farm and lived off what we planted all year long. In the summer we would wake up early each morning to beat the heat and pick the vegetables that were ready. Each afternoon we would do the canning so we had enough food for the winter. Even though I complained about doing it and did not enjoy it everyday, there was something very satisfying about living off what we planted.

Training is a lot like planting seeds. All of the simulations and activities we ask our participants to do plant seeds for personal growth and learning - which is one reason why I love it so much. Sometimes the results are predictable, sometimes they surprise us. The climate in which the seeds are planted have a huge impact on the results as well. What is the climate like in your group? What are you doing as a trainer to foster the environment? There are a lot of ways you can plant seeds. If you are an independent trainer, create a resume of experiences that will make audiences want to enlist your services. Consider what talents, skills and experiences your future clients will want. Identify each of these possibilities, and then make them happen, so that your resume will reflect the best of what you are. If you are an internal trainer, implement a fraction of the tips in this article and you will be well on your way to cultivating a rich garden of experiences. I'd also like to encourage you to give away actual seeds to your participants for inspiration. I often give away 'Forget Me Not' seed packets with my contact information on them as an anchor to the metaphor of planting seeds. It is a fun way to have your participants or clients remember their experience with you.

~Michelle Cummings
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