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Hot Air From the Spare
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Hot Air from the Spare

Welcome to Hot Air from the Spare. Itís Linda Williams here, aka Corporate Trainer and ďThe Spare TireĒ at Training Wheels. This section of our store hosts our archives of Newsletter excerpts from our Spokesperson Newsletter.

My experience and perspective come primarily from the corporate training side of the bike path, so the point of this section of the newsletter is for me to share some of my insights, tips, and tools that may be useful to you, whether or not you work in a "corporate" setting. Since Iíve got more than enough hot air to spare, Iíll share it here. If you have any other ideas for the section title (or for future Hot Air topics), please send me an email or give me a call. Thanks very much, and hereís to Cycling Beyond the Ordinary in 2010!